A Perfect Guide How to Use Bitcoin Mixer on the Darknet




A Bitcoin mixer is a program that can help you send funds to your loved ones, non-profit organizations, and other people anonymously. It can help you enjoy better privacy without much interference from your regional government.

The best way to use a Bitcoin mixer is by conducting your transactions through the dark web. Learning more about this can help you enjoy smoother funds transfer.

So, let’s dive into the world of Bitcoin tumbling on the dark net.

What Is A Bitcoin Mixer?

A Bitcoin mixer or a Bitcoin blender is an online program that sends your money to a pool of funds. This pool contains money from various people. Your cryptocurrency will stay within that pool for some time to mix.

Once the specific time has passed, your relevant amount will be sent from the pool to the designated recipient. The program’s main is to anonymize your transfer because the money will be recorded as sent from your wallet.

Instead, the mixer will show that person “X” sent crypto funds to a pool. Then, the specific amount is sent from the pool to a person “Y” after some time.

How Does A Bitcoin Tumbler Offer Anonymity?

Bitcoin tumblers always keep the addresses of the senders and recipients private. However, the primary way it offers anonymity is by obscuring the history of your coin. You must understand that every Bitcoin has a blockchain history that allows people to trace it.

The blockchain history offers information that can be used to trace the original source of the coin. It can also help determine the value of the coin by letting people know whether the currency has been used for illegal activity.

When you send the same money to a pool of funds, the program obscures this history by multiple encryption layers. This prevents other people from reaching the blockchain information of the coin. So, the currency’s source cannot be traced.

How Does A Bitcoin Tumbler Offer Anonymity-

It can also not be known whether the mixed coin has been used in an illegal transaction before. So, the tumbler mainly cleans your currency and sends it to a recipient as if it is a new coin.

How To Use A Bitcoin Mixer On The Dark Web?

Let’s look at the steps you must perform when wanting to use a Bitcoin Tumbler on the dark internet:

  1. Download The Tor Browser

Most people that the dark web is part of the internet, but many are not aware that it is not as easily accessible as the surface web. You can use the dark net without a special browser that directs you through a modified network that anonymizes your activity.

There are various browsers you can download to access the dark net, such as I2P or Freenet. However, the best option is Tor because it offers unmatched privacy and protection from various sources. You can download the official browser from a surface website called Tor Project.

Once you install the browser on your device, you will be automatically directed through the Tor network to reach the dark web when you start the Tor Browser. This will allow you to access non-indexed websites that are unavailable on the surface web.

However, there are some additional steps you must take before opening the Tor Browser that are discussed in the following sections.

  1. Connect To Security Programs

A lot of internet users have a misconception that the dark internet is impenetrable. This means you may believe that the government cannot track anyone on this web. You may also think that hackers cannot target you on the dark net.

These things are not true because the dark web only makes tracking and cybercrime difficult. Officials and criminals with advanced tools can affect your privacy on the dark web. That is why it is necessary to download specific security programs before you open the Tor Browser.

The programs will help you enhance your anonymity by offering an additional layer of protection. One thing you must always have is a paid VPN when using the dark internet. ExpressVPN is a reliable program that you can download for easy navigation on the dark web.

Always turn on the VPN before you open the Tor Browser to ensure that your location is always masked. A Bitcoin mixer will always protect your identity by mixing your coins into a pool. However, if your IP address is left unprotected, government officials may know that you have sent money to the Bitcoin tumbler.

Another program you must have is antivirus software because not all sites on the dark internet are safe. If you land on an unsafe wallet or fake mirror version of a reliable Bitcoin mixer, you may lose your funds as soon as you send the money to the pool.

One of the best programs for antivirus protection on the dark web is AVG. It can identify whether a dark wallet site has malicious content or compromised security protocols.

  1. Choose Between A Centralized Or Decentralized Bitcoin Mixer

Navigating the dark web can be difficult because finding a reliable Bitcoin tumbler is not easy. There are many onion sites that scam people, which is why it is necessary to do your research before using the dark net for Bitcoin mixing.

The first thing you must understand is that there are different types of mixers on the dark internet. A centralized Bitcoin mixer mainly performs Know-Your-Customer (KYC) checks. This means it may ask for personal information to initiate the transaction.

Such a Bitcoin mixer may also have greater control over your keys. Remember, disclosing personal information on the dark net is a big no because it can make you vulnerable to hacking attacks. Government tracking is also easier for such mixers.

A Bitcoin mixer that mainly uses a decentralized mechanism is the best option for the dark web. This is because such a tumbler does not perform information checks. You will not have to reveal your name, contact number, or other details.

So you will enjoy more anonymity when using a decentralized Bitcoin mixer on the dark net. Another benefit of such a blender is that it will not keep records of transactions to offer additional security.

  1. Select A Reliable Bitcoin Mixer

There are two ways to use a Bitcoin mixer on the dark internet. You can open the web and use its search engine, such as DuckDuckGo, to find a decentralized Bitcoin mixer on the dark net. You may also open a directory such as The Hidden Wiki to find a tumbler.

Meanwhile, the second option is to do research beforehand and find a reliable dark web Bitcoin blender through the surface web. This is a better option because it will reduce your risk of landing on an unsafe Bitcoin mixer.

For both routers, you will have to spend time on research, but the latter offers better security because you will not be opening a website without any prior background. Such a precaution is necessary when dealing with funds because a minor error can cause you to lose a huge amount of money.

Wasabi Wallet is a reliable Bitcoin mixer that you can use on the dark net without running into many issues. The primary feature of this crypto wallet is that it allows you to perform Bitcoin mixing through the CoinJoin method.

Unijoin is another Bitcoin mixer that you can use for sending funds through the dark web. The programs obscure your blockchain history and also send you an anonymous code to track the progress of your mixing funds.

The best thing about these programs is that you can find their onion links on the surface web easily or through a dark web directory.

  1. Start Your Mixing Process

Once you have decided on a Bitcoin mixer, you can connect to your earlier security programs and start the Tor Browser. Paste the onion link of the relevant dark web Bitcoin tumbler on the search bar to reach the site.

Create an account on the mixer site if it is required. However, you must pay attention to the details that the platform is asking for. Most sites will mainly require you to add an email address. You can create a new email on the dark net to use it for creating the account.

If the platform asks for other personal details, such as your credit card number, contact number, or home address, you should avoid disclosing the information and look for another mixer. This is because a Bitcoin mixer never needs to know your credit card details or address.

So, the platform may be luring you to disclose your personal details subtly. Once you’ve made sure the Bitcoin mixer is safe and your account has been created, you can start the mixing process.

The first thing you must do is deposit some cryptocurrency into the Bitcoin mixer. When you click on the relevant button, the platform will redirect you to a unique address to send the funds. You can add the amount you want to transfer to the pool and how long the money should stay there.

After adding all the details, press the mix button to start the process.

  1. Withdraw The Coins

Almost every Bitcoin mixer will offer you an option of tracking your mixing progress. Once the money has stayed in a pool of funds for some time, you will be allowed to withdraw it. The program will ask you to enter a wallet address that will receive the funds.

The best thing is you can divide the money amongst multiple recipients. So you can send a portion of your cryptocurrency to a loved one while the rest to a donation organization. Remember, it is not necessary to always add a person other than you.

For example, if you have a second Bitcoin wallet, you may add that wallet’s address in the recipient’s tab so the mixed money is yours again. Some people do this to clean the blockchain history of their funds and improve the value of their coins.

Some Bitcoin blenders may also ask you to add the recipient address before you initiate the mixing process. Remember, this is not an odd thing, and many programs ask for all information beforehand to offer you a smoother transaction process.

Is A Bitcoin Mixer Free?

A Bitcoin mixer will never be free because the program developers need money to update their platform and enhance their protection. This is why every tumbler will charge a fee to offer you what you want while keeping their profit in mind.

The good news is you don’t have to worry about paying a high fee. Most Bitcoin tumblers will charge you 0.1% to 0.5% of the total amount. So you will not be losing many funds in mixer charges.

However, some programs may have a high fee. This is why you must be alert when choosing a reliable Bitcoin mixer. A tumbler that charges a high amount does not necessarily offer additional protection or features.

Some Bitcoin blenders can also offer you more control over the fee by letting you decide the rate. If you choose the minimal rate, they may extend your mixing period to a few hours or days. Meanwhile, the highest rate may allow you to blend the funds within minutes.

If you’re not in a rush, you can choose a low rate with greater mixing time to save money. It is also ideal to choose a Bitcoin tumbler that has a fixed rate of 1% to 3% or less.

What Are Some Things You Should Avoid When Using A Bitcoin Mixer On The Dark Net?

Using security programs and researching the Bitcoin blender can help you enhance your anonymity on the dark net. However, there are some additional steps you can take to enjoy the best experience.

Here are some things that you must always avoid when using a Bitcoin mixer on the dark net:

  1. Avoid Using The Same Address

Whenever you want to tumble money, it is essential to avoid using the same wallet address to send money to the mixer. This is because government agencies can track repeated addresses more easily. Remember, this applies to both sender and recipient addresses.

You can diversify your Bitcoins by keeping them in different wallets. Whenever you use a mixer, you can send money from a new wallet to enjoy better security. This will also allow you to increase the time limit before you repeat an address for a transaction.

The gap in the transaction history will make it difficult for government agencies and cybercriminals to determine a specific pattern or single out your address.

Besides that, sending money to different recipient addresses will also make it difficult to track the transaction flow. Remember, when someone tries to track a mixing process, they focus on the sender or the recipient.

For example, the person may try to check which wallet has been sending money frequently to a pool. They may also interpret a pattern by seeing which recipient is receiving funds frequently from a pool.

So, if different wallets send money to the same recipient, the government may be able to locate the recipient. This can help them determine the transaction flow by tracing steps in the backward direction or by directly interrogating the recipient.

This is why using different addresses will make it difficult for anyone to determine a transaction pattern or single out individuals involved in the transfers.

  1. Do Not Send A Large Sum In One Transaction

This tip is useful for regular senders and also those who conduct illegal transactions. It is a general rule that sending a large sum to a specific person can be suspicious and alert the authorities. The same is true when sending crypto funds to a Bitcoin tumbler.

If you send a large sum to the pool of a single mixer, the government may notice the amount. They may also try to trace the transaction by finding out which recipient address received a similar amount.

Whenever you want to use a Bitcoin mixer on the dark web, you should transfer money in small amounts to different addresses. Another reason why you should send less amount in a single transaction is to avoid significant loss of money if a cybercriminal is able to intercept the transaction.

It will also be helpful if you’re using a new Bitcoin blender for the first time. Some tumblers on the dark web may be fake and steal your money. This is why never send a large sum to save yourself from a financial crisis.

Transactions that involve low funds are also rarely tracked by the government because they may not raise suspicion. You must always try to remain inconspicuous when using the dark web to avoid issues.

Do Not Send A Large Sum In One Transaction

  1. Never Use The Dark Net On A Public Network

There are many security precautions you can take to enhance your safety when using a Bitcoin Tumbler on the dark net, but this one ranks higher than most other options. You may want to use the dark web in a café to hide your home location in case your VPN protection is penetrated.

However, using a public network to access the dark web is the worst thing you can do. This is because such networks are easy to track, and they don’t offer protection layers that a private home Wi-Fi does. So your location and activity may be more easily tracked.

Another disadvantage of using a public network is that anyone using the same network can intercept your transaction easily. So they may change your recipient and divert the funds to a different account. Cybercriminals focus on public networks more because it offers them easy access.

So, despite your VPN and antivirus programs, you may lose money because of initiating the transfer on an unsafe network. This is why you should always open the dark net on your private home Wi-Fi network.

Broadband providers encrypt their internet traffic and add security layers to prevent interception from external parties. This is why your transaction will be less vulnerable to a cybercriminal attack.

  1. Not Reading The Mixer’s Policies

Many people skip reading the terms and conditions of various programs to save time. However, it is essential to avoid skipping this step. Different mixers have varying policies and fees.

Reading these policies will help you determine whether any additional charges are associated with the transactions. It will also help you understand the mixing period of the company and whether it is compliant with legal laws.

However, the most important the policies will tell you is whether the company keeps a record of the transactions. Mixers that keep logs may be harmful to you if you’re using the program for money laundering or other activities.

It may also reduce your anonymity if the government uses a legal order to access the company’s records.

Is A Bitcoin Mixer Illegal?

Some people who want to enhance their transaction privacy opt for less viable methods for anonymity because they believe Bitcoin blending is illegal. However, that is not true for every location. The laws of every country vary, which means you may be able to use the program without restrictions in specific areas.

Some jurisdictions may tell you that the activity is illegal, so you can avoid mixing in that region. It is also important to choose a mixer with a positive reputation. Tumblers that are known or involved in money laundering cases are not good for you.

For example, the US authorities arrested the developer of Bitcoin Fog in 2021 on the charges of money laundering through the mixer. You can find news on many other tumblers that are still active but have been flagged by the government previously.

Avoiding such mixers will help you avoid engaging in an illegal activity. You should also research your state’s laws on Bitcoin tumbling before using a mixer.

Final Words

That was your complete guide on using a Bitcoin blender on the dark net. You must always research the mixer before initiating a transaction to save yourself from government tracking, cybercriminal attacks, and spam.

It is also ideal to use the Tor Browser to access the dark web because it offers better protection than other networks.

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