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Learn about the dark web and how to use dark web links

 You may have heard about dark web from your friend or in a movie? But have you ever used it? There is a reason why it is called dark web and is a bit challenging to access and use it. Use some specific tools for the web for smooth access.

Dark web can be a great space to explore and see what is can offer. You can have ultimate benefits from it only if you used it lawfully. Once you enter the real dark side of the dark links, things can get ugly. And we wouldn’t want anyone of you to be at risk.

There is a lot to know and understand before accessing dark web links. If you don’t have sufficient information can be risky and a threat to your data and system. However, you can’t access dark links a standard Chrome or Safari browser.

For that, you would need to use Tor Browser for safe access to various dark web links. On the other hand, there is a lot to know before accessing any link. So make sure to have a deep knowledge of the dark web before accessing the links.

Therefore, if you looking to know more about dark web in detail, here is a complete guide for you. Accessing and understand the dark links will get easier for you.


What Is Dark Web?


Before we start how to access dark web and its links, you must understand what it actually is. Dark web is used for files and content that isn’t indexed by any other search engines available. Therefore, you need tools and software to use the dark web.

The dark web only accessible a particular browser, making it easier for you to access dark web links and sites.

On the other hand, dark web links have a .onion domain. The links are also known as onion links. They are mostly used for dark links and is an easy identifier of a dark link. If you ever see a link with .onion domain without any doubt it is a dark link.

Many people say that it is a headquarters for criminal activities, but that is a lie. It is just a space where people can enjoy their privacy anonymously.

Therefore, to access the dark web, only use the Tor browser, and it is the only browser where you can access various links. Furthermore, it ensures a safe and secure network for your surfing.


Why Only Tor Browser?


Dark Web is a special and is not regulated by any international standards. Due to the activities that take place at dark web it is now known as a hub for illegal and criminal activities. The negative image of the dark web has led to the ban of using it.

Therefore, you can’t access it through any standard browser. To tackle this barrier, the Tor group introduced the Tor browser. The Onion Routing (TOR) browser is specially designed with such feature and encryption technology that it makes it easier for everyone to use dark web.

There is a lot to know about this browser and how it is different from any other browser. Do you want to know more about Tor browser? Continue reading.


What Is Different About Tor Browser?


In recent times, Tor is the only browser where you can access dark web links on your desktop. It is equipped with such technology that makes it the only one.

Tor browser provides a private network where various encryption methods layer all the traffic. In addition, all the traffic is routed through a relays wrapped in encryption again. The reason why this is all done is to decentralize the node network.

One of the best features of the Tor browser is that it cleans the cookies and deletes the browsing data after every use. In addition, tracking your location and data is impossible by using the Tor browser. Therefore, the dark web works best on this browser.

If you visit multiples sites on surface internet you will tracked on every site. However, here in the dark web by using the Tor browser it makes sure that no one is tracked. Due to their complex they make it look as if two people opened the site making it difficult to track you.

It is the safest platform to access the dark links and browse through them. The Tor browser is specially designed for dark links and the relay system is so advanced that tracking you is impossible. No doubt that the Tor network has a great IT team.

Now that you have good information about the tool and the web, it is time to move on to using the dark web and accessing links. First, however, make sure to understand each step correctly to access dark web links.


Measures To Take Before Using Dark Web Links


Now that we have shared some insight into the dark web, it is time to share how to use it and what to do before using it. I don’t think it would be the same as using a regular browser or site. Mentioned below are some of the steps that you have to keep in mind in order to use the dark web strictly safely:

  1. Use a VPN

Before you start with anything, make sure to connect to a secure VPN server. It is essential to connect to a VPN for additional security. Unfortunately, many users assume that Tor is as same as a VPN but it isn’t.

However, they are wrong. Tor is just a browser that lets your surf through the web, but a secure connection of a VPN makes sure that your I.P. is not exposed to anyone. Therefore, no one can track your location or I.P. address and provides a reliable connection.

Tor does provide with a secure browsing experience through their complex relay system. But to be on the safe side it is recommended to use VPN for extra protection from your side. It would be great to have a secure and smooth connection for browsing on the dark web.

  1. Install Tor Browser

You may be trying to download the Tor browser, and it is not just downloading at any cost. It may be happening if you don’t have a VPN connection to your system. Due to gaining popularity and being the only browser that supports the dark side of the web, it isn’t easy to download it.

Therefore, always use a VPN before downloading the browser. Also, there are various sites which have an unlicensed copy of the Tor browser. Before you download make sure it is from their authentic and verified website. An unlicensed copy of the browser file can bring in malware with it and be a risk for your system.

  1. Start Browsing

Once you have the browser and the VPN set, it is safe to browse through the web. There are various links and sites that you visit and experience the difference. However, as dark web is not regulated, verify the links you are using.

It would improve your experience and ensure a safe ride. However, visiting any unofficial or risky website may harm your computer and risk your privacy. Therefore, below we have mentioned some of the top links that you can see on the dark web.

Make sure to browse trusted and verified sites otherwise you can land yourself into trouble. There are countless fake sites also available which are full of malware. Therefore, it can be very risky if you don’t browse carefully.

Picture 3

  1. Protect Your Identity

As you know, dark web is not regulated and is full of scams. Therefore, never use your real name or any personal confidential information, even if you communicate with someone for a purchase.

Not only at any link or site but don’t even insert your name or any personal detail at the Tor browser. You wouldn’t want to risk any piece of your information. You never when it would be in the hands of a hacker.

To make safe and trusted purchases, you can also use your anonymous crypto currency wallet for a better experience. The use of crypto currency is a smart move to ensure an anonymous transaction.

These are the top measures that you have to keep in mind before setting up to use the dark web. Missing any of the above point would make it difficult or sometimes impossible to access the dark web.


The Top 8 Sites To Visit On The Dark Web


If you are a beginner and don’t know anything about the dark web to start your ride, we have mentioned some links that you can visit. Once you start using these links, it will become easier to understand the dark web.

Start with these links as they are safe and authentic. It would be an excellent experience for you to start with. All these sites mentioned below are safe and user-friendly. In addition, these sites are verified and trusted by many users.

Other than the overview of these sites, we have also mentioned the original name of these sites so you can easily find the authentic links. This is because there are many unofficial and copied sites on dark links. Therefore, we want you to have a safe and authentic experience of the dark web.

  1. Sci-Hub

Are you a science freak and love to learn new things? Unfortunately, there is limited information available on the standard web due to many reasons. Using the Sci-Hub opens all the gates to gain the scientific knowledge you craved.

This dark website has millions of scientific research documents from around the world. You can find anything that you want. Just type, and you’ll get it. These dark web links aim to ensure the availability and accessibility of information by making it available for free.

Keep in mind that Sci-Hub has gone through many outages before. That is why the location of this website might be subject to change. The directory will have the updated link for this site and you can easily find it there.

Picture 4

  1. Dark Web Facebook

Yes, it is no surprise that dark web links also contain an onion link to Facebook. After all, it is the most popular platform on the surface web, and almost everyone is on it. Moreover, we all know that Facebook collects our data and might even share our information with others.

Unfortunately, the onion link of the platform does not work to improve your privacy. Instead, it is a good option for people who live in countries where access to Facebook is restricted. So, if you are living in such a country, you can access this dark website on the Tor browser.

  1. Hidden Wiki

Yes, the name of this link may have given you an idea of what we are going to talk about. The Hidden Wiki is an onion link of Wikipedia. But here on the dark web, it is the most extensive directory for dark web links. You can find all the dark web links here easily.

However, make sure to browse and click through the links carefully. Every type of content is available, so you wouldn’t want to see something unpleasant. On the other hand, there are many unauthentic versions of the Hidden Wiki, so make sure you use the original one.

You can use the search engine to get to an authentic link of a site.

  1. DuckDuckGO

DuckDuckGo is a popular search engine onion link available on dark web for you. Fortunately, you can also find this site on the standard web if you want to experience it.

It is one of the best search engines to use with anonymity and enjoy your privacy. On the other hand, it is safe to use as it doesn’t save any of your browsing history at all.

It is also a default search engine that appears as soon as you open the Tor browser. It is safe and trusted to use. However, don’t click on links that might bring malware in your system.

  1. Daniel

Are you amazed by the various features of different links and had enough of the hidden wiki directory? Don’t you worry, Daniel is also a directory filled with dark links to access and browse?

You can find new links on Daniel and improve your browsing experience. The best feature of Daniel is that it shows if the connection is online or not. It makes it easier for you as you don’t have to visit every link and check if it works or not. In addition, it saves a lot of your time as links on the dark web do have some loading time.

Picture 5

  1. ProtonMail

Email service links are also standard dark web links you will find on the dark web as people want to communicate anonymously and with some privacy. ProtonMail is an email service based in Switzerland, and it is straightforward to use. The service protects all your conversations by offering end-to-end encryption.

The best part about this dark website is that you don’t need to give your personal information to create your email account. ProtonMail is available on the surface web and an onion link for the dark web. Of course, you will get more privacy and security during communication with the dark web.

Besides that, ProtonMail also uses SSL and HHTPS encryption on the onion website to offer extra protection. Because of this, third parties will find it incredibly challenging to look at your email traffic.

  1. Imperial Library

For all the book nerds out there, Imperial Library is one of the top dark web links where you will find endless digital books. You can get any publication you want in this library without any hassle. For example, the Imperial Library has a collection of over 500,000 books you can choose from to begin reading what you like.

Remember that you still have to avoid copyright infringement even when you are on the dark web. That is why you must tread carefully when reading books from Imperial Library.

  1. The C.I.A.

Even the U.S. Navy has created an onion link for their C.I.A. The primary aim of creating this website was to help informants provide information through a secure channel on the internet. So, they created an onion website so all the informant’s identities could be protected over the internet.

Besides that, it is also one of the top dark web links that help people worldwide access information and the resources that the C.I.A. offers in no time. You can also go to the onion website and browse around to see what kind of resources and information they offer.


What Else Can You Find On Dark Web?


The top links to visit and browse on the deep web are mentioned above. On the other hand, here, we will discuss various types of content that you will find on the deep web. The links you will find at the Hidden Wiki and Daniel will have a combination of all these contents.

The dark web is a dynamic internet, and changes occur now and then. Therefore, it can sometimes be difficult for you to browse the web. Mentioned below are the top things you will find:

Picture 6

  1. Dark Link Directories

This is one of the most common sites that you will find. The link directories help you find and navigate various links and visit new websites. However, one of the most challenging parts about these links is that they are a combination of various letters and don’t make sense.

Therefore, it can be impossible for you to memorize every favorite link of yours. Such pages even categorize the onion links that make it easier for you to begin browsing your journey. So, you can find link directories to help you navigate the dark web in no time.

These directories come in with updated links for every site and links changes for many sites overtime.

  1. Black Markets

This is another common reason why many people have heard about the web, but they exist on the surface web. However, black markets on the dark web are at a different level. You will find every single thing in no time. You can easily find Netflix accounts, drugs, weapons, and even credit card numbers and other sensitive data.

You may have seen in movies where they purchase all their fighting and war equipment from the dark web. Well, that is partially true, all these items and gears are available on the dark web.

As you know, black markets are illegal, and this is when anonymity comes to work. Unfortunately, due to anonymity, the black markets on the dark web are flourishing, and new players are entering the market every day with new products.

On the other hand, the payment methods on these sites are also safe as they only accept payments in crypto currencies. Fortunately, this makes it impossible to identify and locate the buyers.

  1. Social Forums

As we mentioned above, the dark version of Facebook is not the only social platform you can find here. There are countless dark versions of various social platforms that you can find here. In addition, there may be some topics that are not safe to discuss on the surface web. Therefore, many people discuss them on the dark web.

Users here talk about anything. It can be illegal activities and much more that you can’t even imagine. These forums are used mainly by hackers who discuss and have created their community. It is one of the safest places to trade stolen data and other hacked details.

These hackers steal the data and then sell it on the dark web for a good amount of money. Hence, a haven for hackers.

Picture 7

  1. Onion/Dark Web Version of Popular Websites

Yes, you heard us right. The dark web is filled with a dark version of various popular websites and platforms. If the website is restricted in your country, you can easily browse the dark version of that website here. There is a lot more to explore on the onion version of these websites.

Some popular websites with an onion version include The New York Times, B.B.C., Reddit, Facebook, and many more. So, you can access these dark websites from the comfort of your home without any issues. But, of course, you will also have to remember the dark web links of these websites to access them in no time.


Why do People Use Dark Web?


There are many benefits and reasons why people use the deep web. Yes, there are some wrong reasons, but many users are there for genuine reasons. Of course, everyone has their own to using the deep web, but some general advantages come for everyone.

  1. Privacy

Users who don’t want to expose their browsing data and want a safe and private experience tend to use the dark web. It is the only place that offers a 100% safe and secure platform for everyone. You have the utter freedom to browse and do anything you want.

There is no other browser where you can be offered such privacy. That is why the dark web has attracted many users towards it due to the unique offerings.

  1. Unlimited Data

There may be many things that won’t be available on the surface web. But on the other hand, you will find unlimited data and files about anything on the dark web. Legal or illegal, finding out about various topics is one of the easiest things here.

Information about everything is available on the dark web and accessible. However, if you are looking for special information you can enter the black market and search for it there.

  1. Freedom of Speech

The dark web is the best place where you can talk about anything freely. No one would judge or criticize you.       You can freely express your thoughts and opinions. Due to anonymity and privacy, no one would know that you said that.

Don’t be scared by talking about anything. There should be no fear of law enforcement agencies, and no one can locate or identify you. Therefore, everyone in the dark web talks freely and isn’t scared by anyone.

Picture 8

Disadvantages of Using Dark Web

Everything that has benefits has its disadvantages as well. But here, the risks are serious. Therefore, if you are a beginner, be very precautious with every step. Don’t take it lightly, as it is a precarious platform.

Here are some of the most significant disadvantages:

  1. Pirated Content

Yes, pirated content is also available on the surface web, but the dark web is just filled with pirated content and files. You can find millions of them quickly. In simple words, every file is a pirated one as there is no regulation here.

However, if you have strict anti-piracy laws in your country, it would be better to check before downloading it. However, if you break the law in any way, it can be a big problem for you, and you wouldn’t want that at any cost.

  1. Illegal Pornographic Content

This is one of the most common content you will find on dark web. There are countless of links where porn content is filled and is accessible by everyone. Dark web is one of the biggest platforms where trade of illegal porn is done.

Content of every type including rape and child videos are filled in the dark web. Public leaked videos are also one of them. Therefore, it is illegal to watch and share such content. You may mistakenly open such link as links are not named, so if you do close it immediately.

The more you surf on such website, the higher the chances get of your system being infected with a malware or botnet. Watching and saving such content is not only unlawful but inhumane as well.

Therefore, no one should support such content and avoid visiting such links.

  1. Malware

Malware or botnets are infected networks that can enter your device. You wouldn’t even know, and your system would be at significant risk. It is like an infection entering your device by a hacker who tries to steal data.

Identifying malware is one of the most challenging things here on the dark web; any internal safety protocols are followed due to no regulation. Many hackers even sell the botnets already infected in another user’s system. So it is an entire network of botnets that is available here.

Therefore, make sure to use safe and authentic links. A botnet can quickly enter your system by clicking on a duplicate link.

Picture 9

  1. Scams

Last but not least, one of the biggest problems that we all face is not only on the dark web but also in real life. However, due to purchases of illegal items and content, being scammed is on the higher side here.

Of course, the only problem is that detecting scams on the dark web is more challenging than on the surface web. The sellers and providers are also anonymous. Therefore, you can’t even check for their reviews and feedbacks before going for a deal.

On the other hand, endless dark websites have an outdated user interface. Besides that, they also have a few seals or badges to prove that they are a legitimate business. So, you can’t judge from the URL or interface if the website you are visiting is a scam.

However, the only way you can avoid this is not to click on sites you think are suspicious. Therefore, only use links that are available on reputable directories.


Now that we have shared in-depth information about the dark web with you let us answer some frequently asked questions. If you still have any about using the dark web links, continue reading. What if you have answered it below?

Is Dark Web Illegal?

This is one of the most popular questions that everyone has in their mind. Everyone has their perspective regarding the dark web. However, it isn’t illegal itself.

It depends on what you use it for. If you are looking for research content or not being involved in any purchases, you would be safe. In addition, stay away from the black market sector as long as you can.

That is where the most dangerous and illegal activities happen, and you wouldn’t want to get yourself involved.

Can you Be Located?

Your data may be present somewhere on the deep web, lying in a file. This is common, and it’s not only yours but everyones. However, deep layered encryption and anonymity make it impossible for you to be tracked by any other user.

Your I.P. address, browsing history, and everything are safe from others, and no other user can be aware of it. So, for example, you may be talking to one of your friends, but he wouldn’t even know that it’s you due to extreme anonymity.

What Is The Difference Between Dark and Deep Web?

The deep web is a platform where all the accounts, financial statements, and other information are stored. However, it is hidden and cannot be found through an engine search.

Picture 10

On the other hand, the dark web is a portion of the dark web. In simple words, it is a subset of the deep web and is intentionally hidden.

How Many People Use Dark Web?

The dark web uses a complex and advanced system to hide the I.P. address and make sure no user is tracked at any cost. This is why the Tor browser is the best one to use and is specially designed for the onion links.

Therefore, according to the Tor network analysis, it has been reported that around 2.5 million users visit the Dark web daily. Furthermore, people from every part of the world come online daily and enjoy browsing.

What if I See My SSN on the Black Market?

This is something you can experience but wouldn’t be a pleasant one. If you find your Social Security Number, the first thing you would want to do is place a credit freeze with every credit bureau. It would help as no one can then open accounts using your SSN.

Other than this, report the theft of your SSN to the I.R.S. so they can be in the loop and take necessary actions against it. Then, when the I.R.S. knows, they can support you and be there for you if any illegal activity is reported against your SSN.

What Are The Measures To Take At Tor Browser?

This is an interesting question, and many people should know about it before using the browser. However, there is something to take care of while using the Tor browser. As it is a browser dedicated to onion links, never share your personal information, even your name.

Always keep your system updated to save from lags. On the other hand, never use Tor for Google searches; it is not designed for that and can be risky. In addition, don’t ever disable Java, Flash, and JavaScript.

Lastly, don’t use torrents or any P2P networking on the Tor browser, and don’t use the browser for standard websites.

What Is An Onion Link?

An onion link or onion site is a top-level domain used on the Dark web by anonymous websites. Only the Tor browser can give you access to an onion link. Mostly every dark link has a .onion domain.

It is an easy identifier of a dark link as well. Make sure to check the links before you click them.

Picture 11

Can We Access the Dark Web through My iPhone?

Not everyone uses to browse dark links on their desktops or laptops. Therefore, many people are always confused if they can use their phones to access various dark links.

Yes, you can use your iPhone to access any dark link as you do on your desktop. Tor browser is also available for ios, so make sure to download it from their official website or the App Store.

However, keep in mind to always connect to a VPN before opening the Tor browser. But it would be recommended to access dark links on your system as your phone has more personal data than the computer. If any malware enters your iPhone, all the data will be at a greater risk.

In addition, Apple can also be notified of any activity through your device. You can use the dark web on your device, but it isn’t recommended.

Would Tor Work Without A VPN?

The Tor browser is a dedicated browser for the dark web. By default and design, it can work without a VPN as routing protocols make it difficult for you to be tracked. They use advanced features to ensure a secure and smooth browsing experience for their users.

However, it is still recommended to use VPN to add an extra layer of protection from your side. This would make sure that the I.P. address of your device isn’t shared with anyone from your side and ensures a safe connection.

Final Words

This was your completed guide for the dark web. We have discussed about it in detail. Everything that you need to know, such as how to use dark web links and access them, popular onion links, and many more. We hope all this information will help you understand this part of the web properly.

However, keep in mind the measures and the risks we have talked about. If you are a beginner, you can be at a greater risk. Therefore, be safe and have a smooth browsing experience.

Dark web is a great place to experience and explore new things and see what it actually offers. It is a useful thing until you use the real dark side of it. Try to avoid it as it is illegal and is risky.

This is where scams happens the most. Dark web is a place where you shouldn’t trust anyone. It can be a hacker hiding in a sheep’s skin. Therefore, be cautious.


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