Bitcoin Mixer Links and Learn to Earn Bitcoin in 2021

Bitcoin Mixer

As the world slowly attempts to move forward with phased openings, there’s a lot of uncertainty about what to do. So here are some ideas on how to spend your time in lockdown earning bitcoin. Only Real Working Bitcoin Mixer LInks

While it’s arguably looking less grim than it did a month ago, most of the world is still shut down, or drastically altered in terms of “normal” functioning. Social distancing is still being observed, with new measures taking place like mandatory mask-wearing and public queues that integrate the 6-foot spacing rule. Many places are still suggesting that their employees work from home, and not everyone has come back from furlough.

A handful of other countries that have eased lockdown efforts have seen second waves of infection- leading them to once again clamp back down on public interaction. Which has people climbing the walls to find ways to earn a little extra cash, or just have something to do regardless of whether or not they have to stay at home.

Earning bitcoin is useful in times like these because pretty much every bitcoin gig in existence is remote. This means that you can easily tackle your to-do list anywhere that you’ve got a reliable internet connection and a computer. Not to mention that almost every market projection is suggesting that bitcoin can produce solid and lasting jobs, keeping you occupied even after quarantine ends.

Earning Bitcoin: Functional Crypto Careers

There are a few crypto careers that require a bit of expertise, whether that means buying specific hardware or just having a bit of knowledge on the subject. These niche careers often pay much better than others and can lead to a more stable gig. That being said- you can see why these types of jobs may be a bit harder to come by. So for these specific side hustles, you’re gonna need to be a pro.

Day Trading

Day trading crypto is a bit different than other types of day trading. In traditional markets, there are a number of useful algorithms and indicators that have been applicable to stock value for decades. Using year’s worth of data to improve these indicators and more readily apply them to realistic projections.

Outside of just not having that base of extensive data, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies also behave differently at their most basic principles of functionality- meaning you’ll need to do your homework. Even if you’re not new to the stock market. Becoming an effective day trader takes some serious application. You’ll need to keep a sharp eye on market behavior as well as indulge yourself in a wealth of knowledge from a vast amount of sources.

Earning Bitcoin


Developing DApps, on-chain coding, and even cryptocurrencies themselves is a highly sought after position- but you’re going to need some serious roots in programming. To snag any one of these jobs, you’ll need to know more than just Python, you’ll have to have a genuine understanding of how blockchain and crypto networks function. It doesn’t hurt to have some industry clout, either.

While these types of developing jobs aren’t necessarily hard to find, they are notoriously difficult to get- however, the pay generally indicates the level of expertise required. So if you’ve got the know-how- any type of crypto programming job is an excellent choice to keep your wallet stuffed with crypto and keep your programming skills sharp in your downtime.


As with all things mentioned before- in order to mine bitcoin, you have to understand it. And understand it well. Mining requires a massive amount of startup capital, as the hardware necessary is often cost-prohibitive for the lay investor. Not to mention the fact that bitcoin mining is notorious for using a pretty penny’s worth of power- so unless you know what you’re doing, and the know-how to get good hardware cheap, mining can actually end up costing you money, instead of making it.

But- when there’s a will, there’s away. If you really want to kick back and make bitcoin with little effort following that initial burst, you can get involved with what’s called “cloud mining”. Cloud mining is a combination of crowd-funding and renting mining set up. Essentially, there are a few companies that you can purchase a stake in a mining operation, and from that stake, you can rake in some of those freshly mined coins. Depending on what cloud mining company you use- the rules, costs, and demands may be different.

Earning Bitcoin: Creative Crypto Careers

Creative crypto careers require a bit of in-dwelling skill, but not near as much as their functional counterparts. Generally, creative crypto careers only demand that you have a flourish for the arts. Few positions even require degrees or experience, you just need to be able to show you’re up for the job.

Crypto Artist

Crypto artists can make a pretty penny depending on how good their skill, or just their platform, is. From street artists to digital Picasso’s, crypto art is a burgeoning business. Mostly as it pertains to marketing. Crypto artist Pboy, a French street artist has been making some extra coin by attaching specialized QR codes to his cerebral, economically focused murals. Making it simple for passers-by to get more info on the sky-high message the artist is sending. He also has an Instagram that is worth checking out, should you not be able to get to Paris while social distancing.

Meme Lord

Just as creative as it sounds- some platforms require a very specialized set of skills when it comes to creative evocative content. Memes have easily become a standard supplicant to online communication. Blending pop culture with classy snark- these often sarcastic and socially relevant images are a staple for modern communication. Think you’re good with the medium? Check out crypto job listings to see if you can’t secure yourself a decent spot.

Content Creator

Calling all writers! If you’ve got a good knowledge of crypto, or just a sharp learning curve and know your way around the literary world, you might be able to collect crypto all while promoting your voice. Content creators write any number of articles, blogs, blurbs, or even just social media posts- all while gaining crypto from home. While the pen may be mightier than the sword, the cursor has no upper hand when it comes to content. Videographers, influencers, photographers- are all capable of creating content for crypto.

Earning Bitcoin: Side Hustles in Crypto

These crypto jobs are tailor-made for those that may not have a finely defined skill, but definitely know how to navigate the waters of modern technology and social media. In some instances, you don’t really even need to know much about crypto, just having the time and wanting to fill that digital wallet is often enough.


Faucets or Airdrops are ways that the less than crypto savvy can get in on the action. Most of these bitcoin-minded side hustles involve watching a few videos or engaging with certain types of social media posts. Some involve short surveys. Regardless, airdrops and faucets are probably the best way to earn some crypto with the absolute minimum effort.


If you’re already hosting a decent online following, you could get paid in digital currency to do a bit of repping. Influencers are looking high and low for lockdown-friendly products and services to help boost while their more normal routes of promotion have dampened. Crypto is ideal as the currency is fully digital, strictly conforming with almost any rules of lockdown.


Missing the casinos? You’re in luck! Crypto casinos indeed exist, and many of them offer startup incentives or a little extra crypto to entice you to hit the virtual tables. If you’ve got a way with cards, or enjoy the occasional sports bet- these types of gambling sites may be a decent way for you to get your fix while staying at home. However, normal gambling rules apply- so tread carefully.

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