Dark Web Bitcoin Mixer Services: Are They Risky?

Dark Web Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a very big cryptocurrency and everyone knows about this. If you want to mix your coin so use the bitcoin mixer service


When it comes to the dark web, there is a lot of discussion about what services should and shouldn’t be used. You will find that most people who use the dark web on a day-to-day basis, will tell you not to worry about using overseas exchanges to buy bitcoin with your bank account or credit card. However, there are some useful tips and techniques that can help you stay safe with risks mentioned when using these services as well as online cryptocurrency mixers.

What is a Bitcoin Mixer?


A bitcoin mixer (or tumbler) is an essential service if you want to stay anonymous when using bitcoins – this is because every transaction on the blockchain is visible and traceable. If someone knows your address, then they can easily search online and see all of the transactions sent and received from that address. This is why it’s important to use a bitcoin mixer whenever you want to make a purchase – this way, your identity will remain anonymous and no one will be able to trace your purchases back to you.

The price of getting caught can be very high: under most circumstances, failure to abide by anti-money laundering (AML) regulations has maximum penalties of up to 14 years jail time. You don’t want that kind of trouble!


Risks That are involved in Dark Web Bitcoin Mixer Services:

1) Scam

Some companies will just take your money and run, so always look into reviews and feedback before you send them any of your hard-earned bitcoins!

2) Blacklisted

This is a big risk – if you mix $10,000 worth of bitcoin through one service and they get blacklisted, then all of the coins that came from this one address will be marked as tainted and no other company will accept it. The best way to avoid this is by using multiple services whenever you mix bitcoins.

3) Not Enough Mixers

There are not many trusted bitcoin mixer websites out there at the moment, which means that it can take a little longer for your coin to be mixed. If you need to use the coins quickly then there’s a chance you might not get the full amount of anonymity.

4) Mixer Hacked

This is fairly unlikely to happen, but if you are planning on mixing a large number of bitcoins then it’s better to distribute your money across different services in case one of them does actually get hacked. It’s probably best not to mix all of your coins in one go unless you really have to.

bitcoin mixer

5) Double Spend Detected

This isn’t a major risk, but could end up causing problems if your bitcoin address gets flagged by someone trying to cheat the system and make themselves rich beyond their wildest dreams! Make sure that when bit mixing sends you back your original coins, there are no double-spends involved.

6) Tracking

If the company that is mixing your coins chose to keep some of the details of the transaction, then there is a chance that they could be traced back to you. It’s probably best not to mix bitcoins through companies that are located in places where cryptocurrencies are banned or heavily regulated.

7) False Refunds

As with double spending on track addresses, false refunds can cause problems when trying to mix bitcoins. If you receive a refund beforehand after sending money off to be mixed, this will mean that all of your coins have been tagged and there is no way for anyone else to mix them for you again without being noticed!

8) Drug Listings

A lot of dark web bitcoin mixer websites accept payment for drugs/narcotics/other illegal items alongside other products. If you want to mix bitcoins and don’t want to be associated with this kind of criminal activity, then make sure that the website you’re using doesn’t sell any items like these!

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9) Shady Company

This is a risk if you are mixing high amounts of bitcoins. If someone is trying to steal your money or steal your identity, it would be very easy for them because they already track everything going on within the dark web! It’s probably best not to keep too much bitcoin in one place when mixing cryptocurrencies.

10) Tax Evasion

Mixing bitcoins will always have some tax evasion risks involved when thinking about how anonymous it actually is. Mixing bitcoin is illegal in certain places so do some research before you start using it.

11) Unlicensed Mixers

You should make sure that the bitcoin mixer company is licensed and regulated if you’re going to be mixing a large amount of money. If they aren’t, there’s a chance that your coins will be seized by some sort of law enforcement authority and you’ll never get them back!

12) KYC Policies

All bitcoin mixers have to have some kind of KYC policy to avoid being charged with money laundering in case any authorities are looking into what they do exactly. Make sure that when mixing bitcoins, these policies are documented well enough to show that none of the bitcoins came from illegal sources!

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13) Untrustworthy Mixer

Just like with anything else, there are a lot of untrustworthy bitcoin mixer websites out there. Make sure that if you’re going to be mixing a large amount of money, they have been used by people all over the world and have good reviews from previous customers!

14) Incompetent Mixer

If someone is not very good at their job then they could easily mess up when mixing your coins. This can cause them to lose some or all of your money which will almost certainly never be returned. It’s probably best not to use this kind of service unless you can take the risk!

15) Bitcoin Hacks/Thefts

There are thousands of Bitcoin thefts reported every year, so it’s pretty clear that there isn’t enough security protecting people’s bitcoins. Mixers keep databases of people’s addresses with their coins on them, meaning that some hackers can easily steal all of the money associated with these bitcoin addresses if they are not very secure!

16) Hacking Risks

Because you are giving your sensitive financial information to a third party. When you mix bitcoins, there is always the chance that someone could intercept them. And use it to take your money for themselves. It would be pretty hard for someone to do this. But it is definitely possible, so make sure that you only ever give your information to trusted sources!

17) Money Laundering

This shouldn’t be too much of an issue if everything else about mixing bitcoins is legit. As long as the company has good security and they actually do mix your coins. Then money laundering should not be a problem at all!

18) None

If the bitcoin mixer website that you are using has no reviews from former customers. Or they have been hacked before, so it’s probably best to try and find another one. Mixing bitcoins is an easy way for people to steal your money. Since it’s completely irreversible, only use trusted websites with good reviews!

19) No Refunds

This is a big risk if you are going to be mixing high amounts of bitcoins. If someone steals your money. If the service goes down/takes too long, there will be nothing that can be done about it. Always make sure that you read every detail on the companies terms of service. Before you send anything over to them!

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20) Risk

There’s always a risk that bitcoin mixing services could get shut down by law enforcement authorities. Since it is against the law in most places. There is not much that people can do about this if it happens. Mixing bitcoins is generally safe. But there are some risks involved so make sure that you only ever use trusted sites with good reviews!


5 Ways To Protect Yourself When Using Bitcoin Mixers


1) Be patient  – Don’t mix a large number of bitcoins at once as the more coins you have with a mixer. The more likely it is that your coins will get ‘red flagged’. And you’ll be asked to complete some extra verification steps. Wait until you have accumulated a few bitcoins before moving them over.

2) Use more than one mixer  – Although it can be time-consuming. Using multiple bitcoin mixers on the same transaction is essential to maintaining your safety online. If one of the two mixers gets hacked or blacklisted, then at least your money hasn’t gone down the drain!

3) Mix small amounts of money  – This isn’t always possible if you want to make larger purchases. (Unless you find another way to pay for said items). But even mixing $100 by using different services is better than mixing $10,000 in one go. The more you mix your money, the better!

4) Check customer feedback  – If a company has been around for a few years. And has received negative feedback/reviews, so you may want to avoid using them. However, if they are fairly new. But have only positive testimonials on their website or social media pages. Then this can be an indicator that they are untrustworthy. If in doubt, look up some reviews online before investing your money with them.

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5) Only use trusted sources  – This is pretty self-explanatory. Just because someone advertises themselves. As a bitcoin mixer does not mean that they aren’t scamming people out of their bitcoins. Check with friends or relatives to find out if they’ve ever used a certain service. And what kind of experience they had with it. Check online for reviews about the company you are thinking about using, if possible.


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