Do You Want to Buy Bitcoin? We’ll Show You How it’s Done

Buy Bitcoin

So now you’ve got your wallet, you’re going to need to know how to fill it.

By now, you’re definitely familiar with what bitcoin is. You might even know how it works. If you’ve taken a look around our blog, you’ve definitely got a good idea on how to set up your bitcoin address, and which wallets are the best choice for your coin storage.

While you’ve got all of this down pat, there’s just one thing left to do. Buy that bitcoin. Despite the overwhelming popularity of the coin, many people are still fairly confused about how to come by it. Which works just fine for us here at Best Bitcoin Tumbler, as we’d like to show you how to get your bitcoin in the best way possible- without any bad habits to break.


Buying Bitcoin

Purchasing bitcoin can oftentimes be a bit of a hassle, especially if you’re trying to remain anonymous while still adhering to laws and legislation. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission requires all purchasers of bitcoin to verify their identities when registering for digital wallets. This means that you’ll have to provide personal documents, like driver’s licenses and social security numbers, in order to snag that bitcoin you’ve always wanted.

Should you follow the rules and provide this information when purchasing bitcoin, you can still use a bitcoin mixer with anonymous wallets to sever the ties between your newly purchased bitcoin and the personally identifying materials you have supplied in order to buy it. While there are ways to circumnavigate these laws, it’s not always simple or straight forward to do so, especially if you’re new to bitcoin.

So should you have to provide intimate details about yourself, don’t fret, we’ll tell you how to handle that later. Remember that when you’re setting up to purchase your bitcoin, always use a secure internet connection. Don’t ever purchase coins over public Wifi or on a public computer. Definitely consider using a VPN service anytime you handle your bitcoin if you’re hoping to keep them safe and keep them anonymous.


Using bitcoin exchanges is possibly the easiest and most straightforward way of purchasing bitcoin for the first time. Bitcoin exchanges often allow users to purchase bitcoin using their personal bank account, debit card, or even credit card. Many of these exchanges also offer internal web wallets as a part of their services, so all you have to do is purchase the coins and watch them arrive into your exchange-based wallet. In fact, most exchanges suggest that for security reasons, you don’t store the bulk of your coins in their wallet for any length of time.

You can both buy and sell bitcoin on exchanges, but bear in mind- the more transactions you make within an exchange, the more easily those transactions can be tracked, and associated, to you.

Peer-to-Peer Networks

Peter-to-peer exchanges are much more private, fully decentralized, and a lot harder to navigate for first time users. Most peer-to-peer networks work similarly to forums like Freecycle. Users can post requests to buy or sell bitcoins at whatever rate they choose, in whatever form of payment they prefer.

You can look through these offers and find the one that suits your needs best. This allows users to work directly with other users and step outside of the exchange domain. It can also prove to be beneficial to bitcoin buyers who are looking to shop around for the best prices and payment methods. Most peer-to-peer networks also have an embedded rating system for users, so you can better evaluate any potential trading partner.

Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs are exactly what they sound like. They’re ATMs, but for bitcoin. They allow for potential bitcoin users to purchase bitcoin with cash, keeping the whole transaction spectacularly anonymous from the get-go. Once a buyer inserts cash into the machine, they can then input the public bitcoin address of their choice and the machine will send to newly purchased coins to that wallet. While they’re not available everywhere, they have definitely been caught on-trend in recent years and a few different sites can help you locate the bitcoin ATM closest to you.


Buy Bitcoin: Cleaning Your Coins

Especially if you’ve used a bitcoin exchange or a peer-to-peer network to snap up your coins, you’re going to want to clean them before you use them. In order to truly sever any ties between the bitcoins you’ve purchased and your identity, you’re going to need two things: A bitcoin tumbler and an anonymous wallet.

There are several types of anonymous wallets, designed for both online and offline use. Make sure that when you set up your “clean” wallet, you do so without providing any identifying information. Whether this means purchasing a software wallet, finding an excellent anonymous wallet service online, of setting up your own hardware wallet- you’re going to need to make sure that you have that wallet primed and ready before you clean your coins.

Once that wallet (or wallets for the super savvy bitcoin trader) is set up, you can deposit your newly purchased coins into the bitcoin tumbler of your choice. Input your desired withdrawal wallet addresses and kick back and wait for your coins to be scrubbed.


Buy Bitcoin: Storing Them Properly

Once your coins are clean, it’s important to transfer the bulk of them to an anonymous offline wallet, or “cold storage”, for added security. Many bitcoin mixers offer users to withdrawal tumbled coins into multiple wallet addresses. This is a great idea for breaking up your coins between cold storage and hot wallets without giving yourself a blockchain trail.

Some mixers even offer time delays for when the coins are to be deposited into each wallet, giving you even more protection and keeping your identity fully locked down.

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