How Long Does the Bitcoin Mixer Process Take?

Bitcoin Mixer Process

Simple questions. Complicated answers. Just another day in bitcoin.

So- simple answer: It all depends on the bitcoin mixer you’re using.

Of course, that does little to nothing to really answer the question of how long bitcoin mixers should take. Bitcoin mixing is indeed a complicated process that has many in, outs, and what-have-yous. Certain bitcoin tumblers have an array of client-controlled features that can change the time it takes to mix your coins, as well as the time it takes to deliver them into your wallet.

Some are completely devoid of these add-ons and coins appear instantly, seemingly out of thin air. Others have set delays that can keep coins from being dispensed for days on end. Others still, can offer multiple delay settings for different wallets, doling out your shiny, clean funds over several hours or days.


Bitcoin Mixer Process: Bitcoin Mixers Don’t Take That Long

Unless you’re messing with some user delay preferences, your bitcoin blender should never take more than a few hours to overturn your coins. That being said, mixers with smaller clientele bases tend to take a bit longer to blend bitcoin properly than big mixers do. This is because of how bitcoin mixers work in the first place.

Bitcoin tumblers work by pooling together coins from many different clients, often alongside company coins and freshly mined coins. Once all of these coins are put together in a massive pile, hundreds of microtransactions between thousands of wallet IDs are preformed. This makes it impossible to see exactly where the coins came from in the first place, also ensuring supreme difficulty for anyone attempting to track the coins through blockchain analytics.

Because smaller mixers have fewer customer coins to pull from, it can often translate into a much more lengthy process, requiring more transactions in order to get the same results. However, any bitcoin mixing service worth its salt will have estimated times of mixing written in their terms & conditions, or on their FAQ page. Always make sure and read these things very closely. They contain valuable information that can help ensure your coins will be mixed properly and returned to you on time.

Bitcoin Mixer Process: Always Use Reputable Bitcoin Mixers

Yes. Seems pretty straightforward and possibly a little obvious, but- always make sure that you’re using a bitcoin mixer that you know has good reviews. Double-check their terms and conditions to ensure that you are in fact, depositing the minimum needed for mixing. There are a few mixers out there that will happily accept any amount of bitcoin that is given them, but if it’s under their minimum- they can consider it a kindly donation made from the goodness of your heart.

If you’re choosing to go with a dark web mixer, be incredibly careful about the web address you use for your bitcoin tumbler of choice. Ensure that the entire address is flawlessly typed. As there are quite a few scams in circulation currently that looks like the real deal and are only a few characters off from the real thing.

All great bitcoin mixers come with some sort of Certificate of Authenticity or a guarantee. Generally, if you choose a reputable bitcoin tumbler, you won’t have any problems getting your coins when you need them and where you need them.

User-Controlled Time Delayed Deposits

Some of the better mixing services offer the choice to have a user-controlled time delay when it comes to receiving your coins. This is super beneficial if you’re looking for a bit of added security. Or, even an increased chance of complete anonymity following your trip to the laundromat.

Depending on the service, users can choose to delay the withdrawal of some or all of the bitcoins that they have put into the mixing service. This can come in super handy if you’re looking to spread out your clean coins amongst several different wallets. It’s also something you’ll want to strongly consider before you decide on any one bitcoin mixing service in particular, as it’s not a fully ubiquitous trait.

Most platforms that do offer time delay functions on withdrawals of bitcoin have their limits. It’s rare that you’ll find a service that willing to keep your coins for more than three days. A general rule of thumb is that coins can be kept anywhere from 1 hour to 72. Also, some of these services tend to tack on excess fees if you use their time delay functions. While these fees are small compared to the peace of mind that they offer, they do still exist. Another reason to read those T&Cs before you choose.

Multiple Address Deposits

Choosing to withdrawal your coins into multiple wallets is a great idea for someone who is looking at using bitcoin for the long haul. Unless you plan on using a bitcoin tumbler after every transaction you make, you’ll definitely want to consider multiple output wallets.

While most tumblers do charge a small fee to withdrawal coins into multiple wallets, again, the cost is far less than the reward, as this can keep you from needing to clean your coins so often. Most bitcoin tumblers offer anywhere from 1 to 10 different output wallet addresses, with their fees tacked on to each additional address.

Multiple wallets can also offer added security and confidentiality when it comes to blockchain ties. Choosing dark web wallets that don’t require much by the way of registration- or going fully cold storage with an offline wallet, are generally your best bet anytime you want to keep those coins squeaky clean for a good long while.

Whether the platform lets you chose which amount goes where, or they just divide up your booty evenly amongst the addresses you give them varies greatly. Some bitcoin mixers offer greater personal control over withdrawal amounts than others. You know where to look to find this out by now (hint: terms and conditions).

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