Know The Safest Bitcoin Mixer Ways


A Bitcoin mixer is designed to improve a person’s anonymity while conducting a crypto transaction. It makes it difficult to track the fund’s transfer so that other people cannot know who was involved in the transaction.

While a Bitcoin mixer offers high safety and anonymity, there are some ways in which it lacks. The good news is that you can use some safety methods for a better mixing experience. So here is what you need to know about the safest Bitcoin mixer ways.

  1. Choose A Decentralized Bitcoin Mixer

There are two primary types of mixer that you can opt for when conducting a crypto transaction. These include centralized and decentralized Bitcoin mixers. The two types differ because of their information collection ways.

A centralized mixer will need your information when you make an account. It will also keep logs of its mixing activity, which can make it easy for law enforcement agencies to track your transfers by getting the mixing records.

Meanwhile, decentralized mixers do not perform know-your-customer checks. This means they don’t need your personal information when you connect your wallet to the mixer. The platform will also not keep logs of its mixing activity, making it extremely difficult for other people to learn more about your transactions.

When using a Bitcoin mixer in 2023, it is better to choose decentralized apps for better privacy. It will also make it easier for you to set up your account. This is because you will be saving time on unnecessary information checks.

Your account setup will complete within a few seconds, allowing you to perform a transaction very soon. You will also not have to worry about your private information being leaked. This is why decentralized mixers are better if you prioritize anonymity over other things.

  1. Use Non-Custodial Crypto Wallets

When you use a Bitcoin mixer, you will have to connect the tumbler to a crypto wallet. Your relevant funds will be transferred from the wallet to the mixing pool. Then, the coins will be sent to the recipient from the pool sometime later.

The best way to enhance security and privacy during this transaction process is to use non-custodial crypto wallets. These wallets use a different Bitcoin address every time you send funds to the mixer. It makes it difficult for another person to track your activity because your address will not be the same.

Another great thing about non-custodial wallets is that you are in complete control of your private keys. You can also improve your safety when using a mixer by changing your crypto wallet frequently. One wallet may be easily monitored and traced, but it is difficult for authorities to track multiple wallets simultaneously.

Using different wallets will also allow you to send funds to multiple recipients through a mixer. You can perform different transactions at the same time without worrying much about your privacy. The mixer will obscure your Bitcoin history more efficiently.

Non-custodial wallets are also better because they add more protection layers to your crypto coins.

  1. Use Tor Browser When You Use A Bitcoin Mixer

A Bitcoin mixer is available on the surface web and dark web. The latter is better for performing crypto transactions because the web itself does not keep records of user history. So your identity will be anonymous before you even connect to a mixer.

The dark web can be accessed using different browsers, but Tor is the most efficient one. It will mask your identity and location to prevent others from tracking you easily. You will also not have to worry much about changing wallets frequently.

Your identity will be protected by the dark web through thorough security encryption methods. Another great thing is that your VPN will be on, offering your more protection. Remember, some Bitcoin mixers may also be exclusive to the dark web.

For instance, Mixabit is one of the best mixers you will find on the dark web. You can also find more tumblers on The Hidden Wiki, but it is important to research dark mixers thoroughly before choosing a specific option.

You can also connect Firefox to the Tor network to enhance your privacy and open the dark web on a regular browser. The best thing is that using a mixer on this internet is not illegal, so you will not be facing legal consequences unless you use the mixer for criminal transactions.

  1. Use The Bitcoin Mixer For Delayed Payouts

There are various ways to send money to someone through a Bitcoin mixer. You can select an immediate payment option to ensure the recipient gets the money promptly. However, you can also delay the payment by choosing specific hours that must pass before the recipient can get the funds.

This method of choosing a time for payment is called a delayed payout. It will create a significant time gap between input and output transfers. The main benefit of delaying a payout on a Bitcoin mixer is to obscure the transaction further.

You can send crypto coins to a pool at 8 pm, and you can ensure the recipient gets their funds after five hours or more. During this time, many more people will have added their coins to the mixing pool. So it will be rare for someone to find out which cryptocurrency was added by you.

The best thing is that a mixer does not charge extra fees for delaying payment. Most apps will offer you this feature before you add funds to the pool for a better experience. You can choose whether the recipient should receive funds within a few hours or days.

Most mixers have a maximum delay limit of 72 hours. The greater the time gap, the better your security will be.

  1. Choose CoinJoin Technique When Using A Bitcoin Mixer

There are various methods that you can use to send crypto coins through a Bitcoin mixer. An excellent way to enhance your privacy is by using the CoinJoin strategy. It is used for anonymization because of its efficient system of obscuring the input and output addresses of different transactions.

The technique works by binding a specific number of people in a digital contract. All of you will send money to a Bitcoin mixer, where the platform will obscure the history of each Bitcoin. Once the blockchain analysis is blocked, the transaction’s output for every participant will be the same.

This means multiple recipients will receive the same amount of money at the same time. The technique makes tracing difficult because it cannot be known which input matches which output. That is because the addresses of Bitcoin are altered during mixing.

Only one transaction is recorded during the CoinJoin technique instead of a separate record for each payment. It is also necessary to connect to the Tor network sometimes for added security. Performing the transaction on the dark web will obscure its history even further.

The main reason you must use this combination technique is that Bitcoin is not always protected even after adding it to a mixer.

  1. Choose A Bitcoin Mixer With Transparent Ways

Some governments consider Bitcoin tumblers legal, while others have deemed them a threat. This is why different mixers are constantly monitored by law enforcement agencies. Some of them, such as ChipMixer or Blender, have also been taken down for illegal activity.

The worst part of a Bitcoin mixer being taken down is that your funds in a pool will be lost. So you will suffer from financial damage. You may even get arrested if the authorities find out that your transaction was for illegal purposes.

This is why it is important to choose a Bitcoin mixer that has a transparent mixing process. The company should explain to you all the steps that it uses to mix cryptocurrency. It should also have a good reputation, instead of rumors of illegal activity.

The platform should also offer you proof of its mixing process. They may do this through reviews of other customers. The mixer may also verify its process through a video tutorial.

It is also important to know the type of mixer that you are using. If an app has not disclosed whether it is centralized or decentralized, it may be involved in shady transactions. You should avoid using such mixers for a safer experience.

  1. Use A Bitcoin Mixer With A Mixing Code

There are many additional security features that some Bitcoin tumblers have. A Bitcoin mixer with a mixing code is highly efficient for sending and receiving funds. This is because the unique code is sent to you when you use the mixer for the first time.

Whenever you perform transactions using that Bitcoin mixer, you will have to add that code. Its main significance is that it ensures that coins you sent to a pool in a previous transaction are not reused or sent to your recipient.

Entering the code will let the Bitcoin mixer know that you have sent coins to its pools before. This will cause the tumbler to add your funds into a new pool that does not contain your previous coins. When the cryptocurrency is mixed, your recipient will get a fresh set of coins.

The best thing about using a mixing code is that the transaction will not be traced back to you. Remember, only the top mixers use this code feature for enhanced security. This is why you must research thoroughly to find a mixer that offers this feature.

Such top service tumblers may charge a higher fee, but they also offer more protection than regular mixers.

  1. Pay Higher Bitcoin Mixer Fees

A Bitcoin mixer will always charge a small fee to perform mixing for you. The company will keep its commission to maintain its updates and server costs to ensure the platform keeps running. Some mixers may have a set rate for mixing to offer all users a cost-effective experience.

However, you will encounter mixers with dynamic fee options. This means that you will select the amount of fees you want to pay for the mixer. You will have a choice of choosing between 0.5% to 3% commission charges for the mixing process.

Many people don’t know that the amount of money they pay the mixer determines the level of anonymization of their transaction. If you pay the minimum fee of 0.5%, your privacy will be lower. This means it will be easier for people to track your activity.

However, choosing the highest service fee option will ensure maximum anonymity and privacy. This is because blockchain history is erased more effectively and thoroughly. So always pay more to enjoy a better mixing experience.

The main reason behind better anonymity at a greater price is that your recipient will get funds from a reliable private pool. If you pay the minimum fee, your transaction will include funds from a public pool.

  1. Ensure Your Bitcoin Mixer Is Reliable

You must ensure your Bitcoin mixer is reliable for a safer and more convenient experience. The good news is that you can easily know this by looking at specific things about the tumbler. For instance, you must read the privacy policy of your mixer.

The policy must be transparent about the data the app collects when you want to mix cryptocurrency. It should also tell you how long the company keeps data records. A reliable mixer will always collect less data and delete it in a short time.

It is also ideal to look at the encryption methods of the mixer to ensure it is reliable. The platform should use the best encryption options that meet industry standards. Your mixer should also have security precautions to prevent unauthorized people from accessing user data.

The last thing that will help you determine the reliability of the mixer is third-party sharing. A reliable tumbler does share its data and logs with external parties. If your mixer checks all these boxes, it is safe to use.

However, if any single feature is missing, you should find new tumblers for greater safety. You should also use a platform that does not ask for login credentials frequently or share them with other parties.

  1. No Transaction Limits On Your Bitcoin Mixer

You can enhance the safety of your mixing process in many ways, but the best one is to choose a mixer without transaction limits. This will ensure the transfer cannot be traced back to you easily due to the transfer of a large amount of funds.

A mixer that has a high minimum limit of sending funds can put you in trouble with the authorities. They can use the amount of transactions to figure out your identity. It can also put the recipient’s anonymity at risk.

This is why the best Bitcoin tumbler always comes without transaction restrictions. It allows you to send as low funds as two Bitcoins. You can also send a higher amount for a flexible experience.

Since you can change the amount of funds, it will be difficult to trace the transaction. Authorities mainly monitor mixers or users that engage in sending high amounts of Bitcoins. If you don’t engage in large transactions, you can protect yourself better and maintain your anonymity.

A good mixer may also offer you the option of dividing your funds into multiple recipients. Different wallets can receive different amounts for a convenient experience. This is why it is necessary to choose a mixer that does not have transaction limits.

Is It Safe To Use A Bitcoin Mixer That Asks You To Register Yourself?

A mixer that asks you to register yourself cannot be trusted because your identity may be revealed. This can happen through a leak at the mixing company. People may also be able to access your account if they find out your login credentials.

These credentials may also make it easy for hackers to target your account. This is why it is advised not to use mixers that have a lengthy registration process or ask you to log in every time you open the platform.

Such mixers also keep records of transactions. Authorities may be able to get their hands on those records using a court order. The worst part is that they can apprehend you if they find out you’re involved in illegal transactions.

Always use a decentralized mixer that does not ask for personal information. You may also use dark net mixers for a more secure experience.

Final Thoughts

These are the safest Bitcoin mixer ways you can use to enhance your mixing experience. Remember, a tumbler only obscures your Bitcoin history and does not delete it. This means people with advanced tools can access your activity if you don’t use additional security steps.

Invest in a mixer that offers a dynamic fee option. It should also be transparent about its mixing methods for a better experience. You can also make things easier for yourself by choosing a tumbler with withdrawal delay options.

A mixer that also has multiple pools for transactions and mixing code options are also safer than other tumblers.

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