How do criminals launder their money using the dark web?

Money Laundering

How do criminals launder their money using the dark web?

While dark web criminals are often people who want to use their ill-gotten gains for good, there are some individuals who want to go the opposite direction. This article takes a look at ways criminals launder money on the dark web, using aspects of technology that many people do not know about or think about very often.

Anonymity is one of the biggest tools that criminals have at their disposal when they are looking to launder illegal proceeds after engaging in nefarious activities. Because of this, it is important for users of the deep web to take steps toward protecting themselves so that their anonymity can remain intact while online. There are several different types of encryption processes that people can utilize when they need to disguise what they are doing while browsing on Tor.


Ways criminals launder their money using the dark web?


1) By Using Cryptocurrency Mixers

One of the best ways for criminals to protect themselves from being linked to their cryptocurrency wallet is by using a mixer service, which will transfer funds through a user’s wallet multiple times until there is a high probability that it cannot be traced back to its original source. offers this type of option for individuals who need help protecting their anonymity while they are on the deep web or dark web.


2) By Creating Fake Accounts

Another way criminals can launder money on the dark web is by creating fake accounts and using them in conjunction with Tor browser. Some websites allow users to create an anonymous account so that when they want to sell Bitcoins, they can do so without exposing their actual identity. This is particularly important for drug dealers, who do not want to be caught with large amounts of money in their possession.


3) By Meeting Up With Someone

There are many different ways that criminals can launder money on the dark web, but one of the most common methods involves meeting up with someone and using physical cash to buy Bitcoins. The process works like this: an individual seeking to sell cryptocurrency will meet up with another person; they will both use Tor browser; they will both bring cash; once the transaction happens, they part ways. There are several legitimate reasons why people would conduct this type of trade, but it can also help people clean dirty money while operating under complete anonymity.

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4) By Laundering Money With Mining

When people mine cryptocurrency on the deep web, they are taking advantage of other individuals’ computing power to run their mining program. Most of the time these computers are not being used for nefarious activities or illegal purposes so there is no reason to look into them while money is being generated. Criminals can take advantage of this by buying cloud mining contracts and utilizing other users’ resources so that they can increase their earning potential without getting caught.


5) By Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

A lot of people think about affiliate marketing as something that happens when companies want to market their product or service through another person’s website, but this could not be further from the truth. The deep web and darknet often turn to affiliate marketing as a way to earn money, especially if they are selling something that cannot be easily obtained elsewhere on the internet. Sites like amazon associates can help criminals receive commissions for items that were not available on their site, which would allow them to launder money without difficulty.


6) By Altering Image Metadata

The best ways of laundering money on the deep web will always revolve around people’s creativity and innovative ideas. There is no limit on how creative people can get when looking for new income streams and different avenues toward realizing their objectives. Altering image metadata is another option criminals have when trying to launder money online, either for fun or for profit.


7) By Distributing Fake Certificates

While it is unlikely that criminals will ever stop looking for new ways to launder money, the dark web and deep web are also home to a number of unique and creative individuals who want to make others laugh before earning some money online. Sometimes these people will go as far as creating fake certificates and selling them on popular websites like Amazon. This can be dangerous if the person who purchased the document later finds out it was not legitimate; however, there is little risk involved when one thinks about how much money they made from this illegal venture.


8) By Selling Ethical Products

Some people believe that those engaging in unethical or criminal activities are not interested in buying ethical products, but this is far from the truth. The reality is that criminals want to make money no matter how they go about it, and there are some items available on the deep web for people who would like to stay within the confines of the law. This could include everything from renting out a room or an apartment on Airbnb to selling handmade crafts online.

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9)  By Muling

Muling and money laundering on the dark web go hand in hand; those using the Tor browser can use it as a way to mule drugs without getting caught. This is especially true if they purchase items like stamps or envelopes from random websites, which makes it easier for them to package and transfer large quantities of illegal narcotics. This method only works as long as criminals do not send their products to themselves; mules who work with drug traffickers run the risk of ending up in prison if this happens.


10) By Donating Cryptocurrency

People who want to launder money through cryptocurrency. And other forms of digital currency should keep an eye out for charities that accept digital assets. While it is unlikely that criminals are going to change their ways anytime soon. There are still organizations that accept cryptocurrency donations for good causes. This means individuals who want to clean money can donate without worry. Because they will never have to deal with the dirty cash directly.


11) By Starting a Casino

People know that casinos and gambling sites will always attract those looking to gamble. And place wagers on sports games, horse races, and other events; however, most people do not realize how much these sites can help them launder money. They often work in the same way as any other casino by taking bets from all types of customers. And converting them into bitcoin or another form of digital currency before transferring the money to its rightful owner.


12)  By Collecting & Selling Data

There are many different ways in which someone can launder money through data. Especially when they work in the world of online advertising. Some individuals will collect data on users connected to major websites like Amazon, Google, or Facebook; they then sell this information at a high price after adding proprietary information that only they have access to. This is how some criminals make their money; others simply sell their collected data without any additional changes.


13)  By Hacking Someone Else

Those who want to launder money with the use of malicious software and hacking should know. That it comes with a huge risk. If a hacker decides to target an individual with deep pockets. They could end up getting away with hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars by stealing their cryptocurrency. This is why people should never give out personal information. That can be used to access a bank account or other type of investment. If criminals want it, they will find a way to get it.

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14) By Selling Your Skills

People who have special skills and talents, such as graphic designers and writers. May be able to launder money using these abilities. For example, individuals who write for low-budget publications may earn $3-$5 per article. However, this changes when the content is sold on the dark web. Because criminals can take these same articles and sell them for products on the deep web. This is how many people choose to launder money using their writing skills. Which takes a lot of work but does not usually end with any consequences.


15)   By Opening an Online Clothing Shop

People who are looking to launder money through the use of clothing may be surprised at what happens. When they visit local consignment or thrift shops. Many criminals start their own websites and sell t-shirts, coats, dresses, boots, and other types of apparel online. These individuals tend to buy these goods in bulk before processing them for resale purposes. This method allows criminals to clean money by making it look like they are running a legitimate business. That only sells items made in the United States. People rely on sites like eBay or Amazon because they can trade with all kinds of people around the world; however, sometimes people go out of their way to take advantage of others.

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