The Most Efficient and Cost-Effective Bitcoin Tumbler of 2020

Bitcoin Tumbler

Dirty Coins? No problem. There are a number of great mixers out there, but how do you choose a cost-effective bitcoin tumbler that’s the most efficient? Easy, base your choice on your needs.

Take a look at any of our news articles, and you’re going to see a few of the same names pops-up more than once. Sure, these tumblers are awesome at doing what any mixing service does best, but are they truly the most efficient and cost-effective choice for you?

Turns out the answer may be a hard “no”. Finding the most cost-effective bitcoin tumbler and mixer really depends on a few different factors. Meaning that someone who uses bitcoin as an investment may be able to benefit more from certain mixers than users who treat their bitcoin as the main currency. How you store your coins can also make a big impact on which bitcoin tumbler is right for you. Plan on trading coins regularly? Best choose your mixer wisely, as some programs have been blacklisted by a few touching trading platforms.

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Amount to be Mixed

Based on fees alone, certain bitcoin tumblers are going to be more cost-effective than others. Especially if you’re planning on mixing large quantities of coins. That flat 5% fee doesn’t look so bad when you’re only mixing 0.001 BTC, but throw it against 1 BTC, or 100 BTC and it starts to get expensive.

What Wallet You Use

Some wallets have integrated mixing services. Others, like most hardware wallets, keep your address obscured during transactions, so you won’t really need anything past an initial tumble. Wallets are a massive part of crypto security and anonymity, so pay close attention to how you store those coins.

Plans for Your Stash

Like we said above, if you plan on trading your coins on certain platforms (like bitnance) you might have to closely consider which tumbler you use, as a few of them (we’re looking at you, Wasabi Wallet) have banned coins that can be traced back to certain tumblers.

TOR vs. Clear Web

This is probably one of the most polarizing and contentious concepts in mixing today. Bitcoin tumblers that support either clear web or TOR mixing can be a big deciding factor when it comes to choosing the best mixer for you. TOR supported tumblers work via the dark web and are best used in conjunction with A VPN. Clear web tumblers work well enough, but many bitcoiners swear that dark web tumblers offer better protection.

What Coins You Own

Whether you own bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, or some other altcoin, is going to make a massive difference to which bitcoin tumbler you choose. This is because not all tumblers support altcoins and some only support certain altcoins.


Cost-Effective Bitcoin Tumbler: Integrated Wallet Bitcoin Tumblers

Integrated wallet tumblers are essentially crypto wallets that also have the ability to tumble coins or obscure addresses during transactions. While these often get excellent press, there are some users who question their validity and usefulness.

Also, if you plan on using big-name trading platforms, there are a few that won’t accept coins that come from these particular wallets, as the wallets anonymity is locked uptight, and exchanges don’t generally approve of such things.


1.   Wasabi Wallet

Wasabi Wallet is essentially the Marmite of secure wallets- either you love it, or you hate it. Some users swear by the “open-source, non-custodial, privacy-focused” bitcoin wallet, while others seriously question its usefulness.

This wallet uses Chaumian CoinJoins to shuffle coins over the TOR network. Essentially tumbling any coins that you choose to store in the wallet itself. Fees run around 0.003% plus an anonymity set (size of group you’re shuffling with), so they are very specifically user-controlled.


2.   Samurai Wallet

On top of providing stealth payments and no address reuses, Samurai Wallet also offers a tumbling feature called “whirlpool”. With three pools to choose from based on the volume of coins to be tumbled, Samurai’s Whirlpool offers a super quick mixing option. They have a flat fee, no matter how much you plan on mixing, of 0.05%. This works great for users who plan on mixing high volumes of bitcoins using a CoinJoin style tumbler.

With Samurai, it really is a bitcoin user’s playground, with a number of unique and useful features that are definitely worth a look for anyone who is serious about bitcoin and security.



Cost-Effective Bitcoin Tumbler: Muilticoin Tumblers

3. is a favorite of many different bitcoin and altcoin communities. Trustworthy service and full blockchain anonymity, SmartMixer extends its tumbling services to support bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, and ethereum. Meaning that you never have to search for a different mixer again.

They offer a flat 1% fee in addition to the cryptocurrency network’s miners fee. This is generally a variable amount based on which coin you’re mixing as well as how much you plan on tossing in the tumbler.



Privcoin supports all the same altcoins as SmartMixer does, but they have some pretty strict guidelines on who can use their mixing services. Disallowing users from any country that is on shaker ground as far as crypto mixing services go. Mixing fees are variable but start at 0.8% plus 0.0008 BTC per transaction.

They have no registration to start mixing and logs are deleted within three days of receiving your mix. Making them a reliable and quick platform.



Cost-Effective Bitcoin Tumbler: High Control and Specialty Bitcoin Tumblers

5.   CryptoMixer

CryptoMixer is definitely far less well known than the other bitcoin tumblers gracing this mix, but they are very highly controllable when it comes to their user’s preferences. CryptoMixer only supports TOR based services, so if you want to use them, you’ll need to be on the dark web.

Fees.  Are user-controlled starting at 0.5% plus 0.0005 BTC per transaction? They can handle high volume mixes and for clients looking to clean a large chunk of coin, flat fees are offered. Zero log policies and no registration. It makes them an excellent choice for anyone who wants to wield more control of their mix.


6.   Open Source Bitcoin Mixer

Another TOR only platform, Open Source Bitcoin Mixer has a variable flat fee of 0.5 – 1.5% and a super low minimum deposit threshold of 0.001 BTC. You can even check up on your mix in real-time, should you care to snag your specialized voyeur key from them.

Open Source Bitcoin Mixer is a great place for newbs to the onion network to start. They answer a number of questions on their website and seem to constantly field new queries every day.



Cost-Effective Bitcoin Tumbler: High Volume Bitcoin Tumblers

7.   BMC Mixer

BMC is an awesome mixer if you’ve got the coin for it. They offer highly controllable services like lightning-quick mixes or delayed output should you want those coins to hang around for a bit. Users can opt for non-registered mixing if they prefer to stay anonymous to the platform.

Fees are randomized and users can choose up to 10 different output addresses. Their minimum deposit is 0.0018 BTC, so it’s a bit steeper than most other bitcoin tumblers available. But they never keep logs so your coins are always ready when you are.


8.   Bitcoin Mixer

This mixer is truly the king of the crop, and only royalty needs to apply. Their minimum deposit amount is a lofty 1 BTC, so not all of us can afford their services. Users can choose to send their coins to up to five different wallet address, but each new wallet incurs a fee of 0.000001 BTC.

They offer their customers a flat 1% mixing fee making the math simple. The company also automatically deletes their logs after a week, but users can choose to delete their own mixes at any time.

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