This is everything about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency


Today i’ll share with you everything about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies i know. Also, i’m going to share with you how to earn money. How to invest through cryptocurrency and a lot more things. So let’s get started guys.


In 2015 i meet a friend and his name was Kyle. At that time Kyle always read about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. He researches a lot on it. After that when he knows all about it. Then he starts to invest money in crypto and he starts trading as well. At that time he tries to explain everything. But that time it wasn’t a common thing. So i didn’t focus on it and i just understand only a few things. But not everything. But you know when something getting common to you. So that thing getting very interesting to you.


Just like that day by day crypto and bitcoin getting very common to me. So i also start to know about this. I also start to know about the revolution of the future. The great blockchain system and a lot more things. The pear to pear network and cryptocurrencies, i just started to know all about this. I thought let’s write something on bitcoin. Because everyone wanna know about this. So today i’ll try to explain to you all about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. I’ll try to explain it very easily. I kid also be able to understand everything about bitcoin and crypto. After reading this article.


So today our main topics will be


  1. Blockchain (Future revolution)
  2. Cryptocurrency (How it works and how it’s the price going up and down)
  3. Mining
  4. Miner
  5. Peer to peer network


How legal is this and how to trade and invest in it? Just everything, after reading this full article you will be able to understand everything.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

In today who doesn’t know about bitcoin. Everyone knows about bitcoin. But there are some differences. Some people only know bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. Some people only know the name Bitcoin and without that, they don’t know anything about this. But those people who at least know they can make money from bitcoin, are intelligent people. Yes, it’s true if you don’t know so let me tell you that you can also make money from bitcoin. You just have to know about everything. Where to start and then what to do next. Each is one of the important things you have to know before you get started. Because half-brain is always dangerous for humans. So first of all learn everything and then you can start.



What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency or it’s a cryptocurrency too. Now those people who just don’t know anything about bitcoin wouldn’t understand anything about this. So let me explain. I don’t know from which countries people reading my article. But whatever country you are reading from you have a currency in your country. Like if you are from the United States so your currency is the US dollar. If you are from India so you’re local currency is the rupee. We use all these currencies regularly. We can touch this currency and we can put our money in our bank account too. And we use it every single day. Just like that bitcoin is also a currency. But the difference is we can’t touch it and we can’t put this in our bank account too.

Let’s get started with a little story. There are two friends. One is Kane and the other is Bob. So Bob did $10 work for Kane. But Kane says to Bob that let me give you a $10 chocolate. We are living in the digital era. So both of them thought let’s make this $10 chocolate digital. So they think we can make it digital. But it’s digital chocolate and because it’s digital people can copy it, people can make it 100 copies. So it’s a big problem. So it also has a solution. So the solution is, let note this in a computer that Kane gives chocolate to Bob. This calculated document is called “Ledger”. But it’s not the right solution. Because if Ledger makes 100 copies that Kane gives chocolate to Bob, so it’ll be another big problem.

So the right solution is if thousands of computer has the same ledger that Kane gives chocolate to Bob. So out of that 100 computers if 1 computer tries to make a copy so it will be tracked and caught.


So now let me explain cryptocurrency?

So now let me make you understand. That chocolate is cryptocurrency. You can buy or sell crypto. But for buying and for selling there must be a process. Because nobody control crypto. I mention a thing in this article and it’s the ledger. How many computers are in the world, each computer has a ledger? All those ledgers make our crypto safe. If out of 100 computer ledger 1 computer do something wrong so the other 99 will find out that something is wrong. This is how crypto is very safe. So if Kane gives some crypto to Bob so ledger start working and finds out how much crypto Kane had and after giving some crypto how much he will leave. This is how you can transfer crypto in a few seconds.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Now, what is call peer to peer network?

A peer-to-peer network is a very simple thing. When you make a crypto transaction, it’s working to the ledger way. So this means your transaction is only possible when all computer ledgers working. You know ledger means it’s could be 100 computers or it could be 1000 computers to make your transaction successful. This computer ledger network call peer to peer network. It’s so simple and safe.


What is Blockchain?

Before i start to talk about blockchain or blockchain technology, I hope you understand what a peer-to-peer network is. So let’s start with blockchain. You know how a chain looks like. When we need a big long chain we add more iron blocks to make that chain mega size. Let me make another example for you. When we travel on a train we see some box as the train block. Because more passenger means the train need some more block to load some more passenger. So my point is if you need something big or you are looking to make something big so you need more blocks. Just like this when bitcoin transition works as the ledger way from one computer to another computer this process call blockchain. Blockchain technology is a very protective and successful technology for years.

Because after Satoshi Nakamoto starts bitcoin he chose this blockchain technology to make the bitcoin transition more secure and safe. He’s chosen this technic is successful and we all know that. We know or we never see crashing this blockchain technology. Not only in the bitcoin case can you use this technology in other projects as well. Research says that many big companies thinking about using this blockchain technology for future projects. I think you will see and we will see this soon. So this is blockchain and without the blockchain technology bitcoin is nothing. You can say Satoshi Nakamoto is a genius man.


What is Bitcoin Mining?

Many people heard the word “bitcoin mining” or some people never heard it. But if you don’t know about this anything and you are very interesting to know about this so let me help you to explain it. Actually, whatever you trying to do bitcoin mining or investing in bitcoin or trading you just need a computer? Trading you can do by your phone too. But bitcoin mining is about to a very powerful computer. It’s not about some simple and regular computer we use normally. So so many people do bitcoin mining. But most of the big mining systems work via a big mining company. Bitcoin trading and investment are these types of work a single man can do it. But bitcoin mining means you have to be a healthy budget to start this.


A computer is a very important part of our life. We do so much work via computer. Small to huge everything we maintain by a computer. When we do simple work so we use a normal computer. But when it’s about something big so we need a supercomputer. You know only for calculating and listing, making videos, editing photographs, playing games, using social media, mailing someone, making an online conversation, joining a video call, etc we can use a normal computer. But when you need a computer for a NASA project or making a very heavy video game or making a website by coding so you need a computer that should be able to handle everything. Big RAM big processor and everything very strong. It’s about capability. What you doing your computer must be able to take that much pressure.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

For bitcoin mining, you must need two things.


  1. Very strong and powerful or you can say supercomputer.


  1. Software for bitcoin mining



Very strong and powerful or you can say supercomputer.


You have to make some powerful computers for bitcoin mining. You can research more about this on Google. You can do some study on it. Because it’s nothing like you will read content once or you watch a Youtube video once and you will know everything. You have to know a lot of things. You have to make your skill strong. After all of this, you will understand what it’s mean by a supercomputer or a bitcoin mining computer.


Software for bitcoin mining


You know each and every single thing need good software to make thing perfect. Just like this, you need some good software for bitcoin mining. Bitcoin mining is a very big thing. You can earn $50k to $100k by yourself. I mean you have to understand bitcoin mining and you have to take a few experts who will follow your command. With this plan, you can easily make over $100k, and it’s possible my friend. Now think about this, if you and your few team member can reach $100k so those big mining companies who do the bitcoin mining with 100 or 200 computers how much possibly earn. So bitcoin mining means you are doing something very big. So you need some very efficient software for bitcoin mining. You can research more on bitcoin mining software on Google and Youtube too.


What is a miner?

If you understand bitcoin mining properly so it will be very easy for you to understand bitcoin miner. So in simple words, bitcoin mining is – we need supercomputers and software for bitcoin mining and huge electricity. So anyone can start bitcoin mining. But that computer we use for bitcoin mining and that software we use for mining. There is a need for someone to control everything. Because a computer is just a machine and software is just software and software is also created by humans. So we humans control everything. So that bitcoin mining computer and all processes we control and those people who control everything or you can say those people are bitcoin miner who doing this bitcoin mining business. Bitcoin miners are always very talented. Because it’s not something very easy.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

What you must need to know if you’re a bitcoin miner


  1. If you are about bitcoin so I suggest you know each thing about bitcoin mining.


  1. If you want to know about mining so you should know what equipment you need for it.


  1. Find out the true risks of bitcoin mining so you can stay away from those risks.


  1. Understand the bitcoin mining process very well.


  1. Take skilled and experienced people to your team.


Without these points, there are some more good points and you have to follow all of them. You can research more about this. The best thing is if you know someone who still doing bitcoin mining. So you can take some advice from them. Where to start and where how to go.


Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin trading is a very popular business these days. Most of the people doing this and earning very healthy money from it. Bitcoin trading is a very simple thing. You can learn about this very easily. Everyone can understand bitcoin trading in a very short time. It’s not something like bitcoin mining. In the case of bitcoin trading, you don’t need to buy big computers and software too. Even if you don’t have a computer so you can do it too without a computer. So here is some simple bitcoin trading guide –


  1. Understand the bitcoin value


Well, we always see up and down. So you have to understand the ups and down of bitcoin. Nobody knows when it’s gonna up and how much gonna up. Also, nobody knows when it’s gonna down and how much it would be down. But a trader with skill can understand when it possibly gonna up and down. So don’t do things very quickly. First of all, understand the up and down rate and then start trading. So you will get a good result.


  1. Start with small


Not everyone is a skilled trader. Just 2 or 3 years ago not many people know about bitcoin. But with time it’s a viral currency. So many people starting to know about it. Also how to trade with crypto as well. So most of the people are beginners. So as a beginner you should not invest big money in it. Just start with $500 to $1000. With this much amount of money, you can start. And you should try to understand the crypto market. So you can make money from it in a short time.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

  1. Try to do small trading


So trading means, we buy crypto and when it’s rated up we just simply sell it. But you know what is called dangerous trading. Waiting for the big money. For example, you bought bitcoin when its rate is $55,000 and when it’s the rate went up to $55,500 so you should sell it. But some people wait more to get some more money. Which is dangerous. It’s crypto and it’s bitcoin. Don’t forget, that if its price goes high so its rate could go down too. So do small trading and you could become a successful trader.


  1. Don’t buy crypto when its price is an all-time high


Crypto means bitcoin and bitcoin prices going high in the sky day by day. So if you do trade so you must track bitcoin price and another crypto price too. So sometimes bitcoin prices go high of all time. That time is very dangerous for traders. Because we don’t know if bitcoin price is $66,000 and all time and if you buy bitcoin now and if it’s going down so you have to wait until it $66,000 again. So don’t do it. Do trading when bitcoin price is at least $10,000 down from the all-time high price. It’s not about how much money you made from trading, it’s about how much you didn’t lose.


I hope you understand what a cryptocurrency is and what is mining, who is miners. How to trade and earn money without risk. This is one of the easiest ways to make money online. If you are a trader or a miner so you are doing nothing. You are just waiting and you are earning money. Otherwise, think about another online worker. They looking for jobs. Sometimes it’s getting very hard to get a job online. But via crypto trading, you are not bagging anyone for a job. Nobody would know how much money you earn from trading. This is another lever beauty of trading.


If you are a freelancer, so you need to do a lot of things to get a job. Open an account to a freelancing market place then bid for jobs. Show them your skills. A lot more things and some people do everything but in the end, they are unable to manage a job. After all, if you start getting orders and completing your order so the company will take 20% or 30% as a fee. Also, they will know how much you are earning in a month. But if you are a trader so nobody would not know how much you are making in a month. Everything will be super-secret.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

If you put your money in a bank, so bank people will know how much you have in your account. But if you put your money to invest in crypto, so you can earn money and nobody will know how rich you are.


The security level of cryptocurrency

Well, i already discussed many important things about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Now the question is, whatever i’m gonna do with this will it be secure. Another question is, nobody control bitcoin and crypto so who will give me high-level security? Let me explain to you.

Do you hear anything about cryptography? Yes, when the question is about to security of crypto and bitcoin, so the answer is cryptography. Cryptography means bitcoin is made by coding and nobody can’t hack it down. If bitcoin has some owner and had a headquarters so it means it has a security system. But it’s nothing like that. So you can’t hack bitcoin. Because its language is full of coding. Also, there is nothing big record of bitcoin hacking. So you can do anything with bitcoin.


Stay away from scammers

In this world, if there are some good people so there must be bad people too. Just like this, scammers always will try to scam you and take your money away from you. Just verify something or if someone makes you a proposal so verify about that proposal. Don’t do any foolish in a minute. Take some time to research about that and find out what is right and what is wrong and then make a decision. Bitcoin scammers make big promises to you and just they will try to make money from you and once you give them any money so they will vanish.

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