Want to Know What You Can Buy with Bitcoin?

Buy with Bitcoin

You might be surprised to find that you can buy… just about anything with bitcoin and a little savvy.

Bitcoin, released in 2009 as a way to revolutionize the way the world thought about finance, cross-border payments, and currency in general, hasn’t really met that goal. Despite continued adoption and widespread usage of the coin, something spectacular happened. Bitcoin stopped being looked at as an alternative to traditional currency and started to become a store of value.

Much like the gold, it’s often compared to- people seem to be much more inclined to hold their bitcoin stores than they are to spend them. This actually works pretty well for most people that choose to trade cryptocurrencies, making a few accounts and portfolios rather fat and happy.

So what does it mean if you’re in the camp who actually wants to spend their bitcoin? Well, that all depends on what you want and who’s willing to offer it to you.


What You Can Buy with Bitcoin: What to Buy?

Yesterday, our humble bitcoin closed at $10,142.00, meaning with that one bitcoin you own- there’s a whole bunch of stuff you could buy.

1.    Renato Viola Pizza

Yes. A pizza. As in one. Renato Viola is considered one of the best pizza chefs in the world. Hailing, of course, from Italy. For a total bargain of only $9,710, you’ll get caviar, lobster, prawns, and litany of other ridiculously expensive ingredients baked into a 7.8 pie at your own home. It also comes with tasty and rare cognac and champagne, should the gold crusted lobster not be enough.

2.    A Life-like Bust of Yourself- To Hold Your Ashes

Opulent? Perhaps. Timeless? Of course. Creepy? Without a doubt. Regardless, it turns out money can definitely buy happiness, even in death. Because how happy would it make you to know that your visage will live on forever, literally looking over your loved ones. So happy? Us too.

3.    2,105 Venti Caramel Macchiatos from Starbucks

At $4.75 a pop, you can enjoy over two thousand of the coffee chain’s favorite caramel treat. If the sheer amount of caffeine involved doesn’t intimidate you, the 736,750 total calories might. Feel free to stretch it out over the course of a few years.

4.    One Very Nice Cocktail

Tucked into the dimly lit corner of London’s exclusive Playboy Club, there’s someone tucking into a cocktail that retails for a cool $8,824. This four-ingredient drink uses exclusive and ancient ingredients: some are hundreds of years old. With a deceptive mix of Cognac, Liqueur, Curaçao, and Angostura bitters,  all aged greater than 100 years.

1.    Clean Water for an Entire Community

Charitywater.org offers donators a program that for just around $10,000, they can fully fund a water project for communities and schools in places that really need it. Over the course of about 21 months, donators will be kept up to date on exactly how their money is helping communities in need with reviews, evaluations, as well as GPS coordinates and photos.


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Where to Buy

For more reasonable purchases- and ones that cost less than a whole bitcoin, check out these top retailers that will happily trade you some goods for your coin.

1.    Overstock

Overstock is perhaps one of the biggest businesses to back crypto ever. An online giant of retail, the site sells all sorts, from home goods to clothes and jewelry. The mega-store is run by Bitcoin advocate, Patrick Byrne, who recently announced that the store plans on paying its taxes in bitcoin and may even offer to sell the cryptocurrency itself in the future.

2.    NewEgg

IF you haven’t heard of Newegg, you may want to just go ahead and turn in your nerd card now. Or use one of those shiny bitcoins to buy yourself a new one. Newegg sells every kind of consumer tech imaginable- from video games, consoles, computers and the bits necessary to build them. They also sell some standard home goods like coffee makers, in case you didn’t get enough Starbucks.

3.    Etsy

Etsy is the place to go if you’re looking to spend your bitcoins outside of big box stores. The website specializes in handmade and bespoke items, where crafters source their own materials or products and then ship them all over the world. There’s no limit to what you can find on the site, and most retailers are artisans, so you’re sure to find something one of a kind. The site itself doesn’t accept bitcoin, so it’s up to the individual seller to decide if they want to accept crypto- but there are definitely some that are happy to take your crypto.

4.    Lush

The UK based, global sensation that offers up the finest in handmade, vegan-friendly and animal forward beauty products is now accepting bitcoin for their online purchases. Which means that you can finally shower yourself in your bitcoin riches- or at least in the products of them.

5.    OkCupid

Looking for love? Not to worry, OkCupid is happy to supply you with a dating pool, profile, and even some quality pointers on how to find it. For a price. The online dating website hopes to expand its services to everyone everywhere. Starting by accepting payments in bitcoin.

6.    Expedia

Even if you haven’t heard of some of these other retailers, we’re confident that you’ve heard of Expedia. As one of the world’s largest online suppliers of flights, activities, and hotel rooms, you can finally book that dream vacation to anywhere in the world- and all in bitcoin.

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