Best Bitcoin Tumblers And Mixers

Since bitcoin is only pseudonymous and not really anonymous, everyone should use a bitcoin tumbler or bitcoin cleaner / mixer to protect their privacy.

The question is just, which of the many bitcoin mixers one should use.

For us it is clear, the best bitcoin tumblers today operate exclusively on the so called dark web, as a tor hidden service.

In this guide we will show you some of the best mixers currently available.

1. Mixabit Bitcoin Mixer

Our favorite dark web wallet and bitcoin mixer is Mixabit.

To access Mixabit Bitcoin Mixer on the dark web, you need the tor browser on desktop, or Orweb and Orbot apps on android or Onion Browser on IOS.

Using the tor browser, you can access Mixabit on the following dark web link:


Mixabit only charges a fee of 0.5% for larger mixes.

And what makes it a really good mixer in our opinion is the fact that it is a bitcoin mixer and a bitcoin wallet combined.

If you just use it as you daily wallet, there no way of telling which deposit and withdrawal belongs to you.

It is a 100% perfect mix with other Mixabit users funds, without leaving any taint to your original coins.

Also there is no timing or amount analysis possible, as long as you always wait a bit and don’t withdraw the full balance after only one deposit.

2. Dark Mixer

Another good bitcoin tumbler and anonymous bitcoin wallet is Dark Mixer, also located on the dark web as a .onion hidden service.

It does not have any fees, and offers similar wallet and mixer functionality like Mixabit does.

Inside tor browser, or Orweb and Orbot for android, or Onion Browser for IOS, go to the following url to visit Dark Mixer:


3. Freshly mined virgin bitcoins

When you need more than the usual mixer, you might want to buy freshly mined virgin bitcoins.

There is now a dark web site which allows you to do that.

Again, using tor browser, or orweb and orbot on android, or onion browser on IOS, browse to:


4. and 5. OnionWallet and Easycoin

The last 2 Bitcoin Mixers in this guide are OnionWallet and EasyCoin, 2 well known high volume bitcoin mixing services on the darknet.

Both sites exist since 2012 and are really trusted.

There are some reports about them stealing funds on the internet, but that was always because the user went to the wrong link and to a phishing site.

Never get phished while going to your bitcoin laundry site and only use the links on our site.

Our links have all been verified to be accurate and recent. So it is best if you bookmark this page, so you can always find the right link to your mixer of choice.

The tor links are:

http://i2fgr75p2ihuf2oq.onion/ OnionWallet

http://yaqmv7zw5vspoayp.onion/ EasyCoin

As you can see there are many options to tumble your bitcoins with a bitcoin tumbler, and they don’t have to be expensive either.

Don’t pay the high fees some bitcoin laundry services are charging and use one of the tumblers above.

Stay safe and anonymous.

Bitcoin Tumblers To Avoid

Never use tumblers which operate on the clearweb, only .onion dark web mixers provide true anonymity.

So avoid all the mixers like ChipMixer, BitMix, MyBitMix, Cryptomixer, Privcoin, Foxmixer.

They all operate on clearweb domains, so they can not be trusted.

Even worse, most of them use cloudflare and google analytics, while nice tools for webmasters, for a bitcoin mixer it removes a lot of privacy and leaves users data open for cloudflare and google to snoop on.

And they all don’t provide a wallet, instead they take your bitcoins, and claim to send you unrelated bitcoins back.

But the big problem is they will send the same amount back to you, minus a fee. And this is easy to spot for blockchain analytics companies working for exchanges and the government.

So if you want truely anonymous bitcoin then don’t use those mixers and instead use one of the tumblers with an integrated wallet we presented in this guide.

If you are using an anonymous bitcoin wallet like Mixabit for example, then you have full control over when you withdraw your coins and which amounts.

And that will provide you by far more anonymity than the mixers which do not work as a bitcoin wallet.